April 04, 2018

Are you ready to rock?!

If the answer to that question is yes? Then you’re in luck because here at Evolution Music we are starting our rock band called Evolution Rockstar the complete experience. Here, all the kids in the band will be learning and practicing rock songs to play out on stage. We are going to start with simple rock songs but soon cover most genres from pop and blues to funk. I am so excited to work with the kids and teach them how to work with each other and what to listen for.

Evolution Rockstar the complete experience will occur on Monday nights starting at 6pm. The rock band will consist of a weekly 2 hour band practice in addition to the students weekly lessons. The students will work on different cover songs with their instructors and put them together with the band on Monday nights. Since this is going to be our first time running a rock band class we are offering it to everyone enrolled in private lessons for FREE. There will be a charge after our first performance but until then we want as many people to join as possible because the more kids that are in the band the better the group will be!

We are going to start with a couple basic songs and go from there. The simple rock songs that we are starting with are “Come Together” and “Say it Ain’t So”. Everyone in the class will learn both songs so that they get extra practice and so they become very familiar with how different rhythms work. When the kids are ready we will have our first performance right here in the shop on the stage in Downers Grove. The Evolution Rockstar kids will perform with other bands from the neighborhood so that after the kids performance they can watch older kids rock out on stage!

For children who are not old enough for the Evolution Rockstar band we are offering other classes for them. Our class for little kids, designed for ages 4-7 years old, is called Itty Bitty Rockers. In this class we teach children the fundamentals of music through fun games and exercises going over the very basic ideas of theory, rhythm and pitch. What I really like about this class is that we are going to teach the kids a little bit about every instrument. So for those young ones that are eager to get into music but don’t know what instrument they want to try, this is the perfect class for them!

We are only offering these classes at our Downers Grove location currently,  if you have any questions on these programs please contact the store and Nick G can help you out!