December 18, 2017

Have you ever been bored with your private music lessons?

Looking to learn an instrument but you want to play in a band?

Want to try an instrument but don’t know where to start?

Evolution Music in Downers Grove has a new lesson program and it has the answers to all of these questions and more! My name is Nick and I am going to tell you why I am so excited for this new program.

I was always bored with private lessons growing up. I was never able to learn about the topics I was interested in and even though I liked playing the drums, I did not find lesson fun. I did not care about learning such things like the technique on how to properly play a triangle; instead I wanted to learn how to keep time for a rock band. Because of my struggles, I wanted to design a program that would be fun AND educational for the members. What’s the point of taking music lessons if you don’t enjoy them?

This is why I wanted to start a program where growing and having fun are the focal points. Taking music lessons are beneficial for cognitive growth, coordination and so much more. But just because they are educational doesn’t mean they should be boring and dull. So that is the spark for starting a lesson program at Downers Grove, FUN!

If your like me and school band isn’t for you because it is too slow then come to Downers Grove and sign up for a FREE trial. We offer lessons for just about anything, but we focus on teaching Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Voice.

This lesson program is new to Downers Grove store and it has a lot to offer. We have basically 3 different types of programs available here, starting with lessons only. You come in once a week for a 45 minute lesson with an experienced instructor.

We are really excited about Evolution Rockstar the complete experience, a rock band lesson program where kids will get to play in a band together. In addition to coming in weekly for private instruction, your child will also meet once a week for a 2 hour band practice. Every 3-4 months the kids in the band will perform on stage in front of their friends and family. We are looking to start this program in Spring as soon as we have enough members enrolled.

Evolution Music also offers a program for little kids that want to get into music. We have two different classes on Saturday mornings, Itty Bitty Rockers and Lil Rockers. Itty Bitty Rockers is designed for kids 4-5 and is a 45 minute weekly class, the kids will learn about music through fun games, exercises and also get a chance to jam together. Lil Rockers is meant for kids a little older, 6-7 and this class is an hour long once a week. The kids in this class will get do play some fun games as well as get the opportunity to learn more advanced topics such as learning chords and basic drum beats.