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PDP Mexican LX Series Natural Maple 4 Piece Drum Set


  • 10 x 7.5
  • 12 x 8.5
  • 14 x 12
  • 22 x 18
  • All three toms are mountable
  • Two can be mounted using the included bass drum insert and the other can be mounted via an included clamp which can be attached to a drum stand (suggested heavy duty or weighted, unless mounting the small tom in this fashion while the other two larger are mounted via bass drum insert)
  • 3 Rack Toms, 1 Bass Drum
  • made by Drum Workshop Inc in Ensenada Mexico, all Maple
  • From a forum about this set: The LX series drums were made in the brand new DW Encenada, Mexico facility. These particular drums came a little too late in production to be made from American Hard Rock Maple directly from the US DW plant, but they are made of American Hard Rock Maple, nonetheless. These LX drums, along with the LXE and CX Maples are, quite simply, dramatically underrated, but they are essentially DW Workshop Series drums at heart. So, if you like the sound and build qualities of standard Collector drums, you will like these just as much when you have your eyes closed. I've done blind tests on these and Collector drums sitting side by side, and you cannot hear a difference.
  • These are used, so please expect blemishes on the shells
  • 4/5 badges missing, appear to of been removed on purpose for aesthetic preference, the bass drum shell near the tom insert has splinter that does not go through to the inside of the shell. This appears and feels to be only exterior and might be just a harsh lacquer finish crack

A PDP Mexican LX Series Natural Maple 4 Piece Drum Set in Good condition!

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