Downers Grove

Zildjian 15in Pitch Black Mastersound Hi Hat Cymbal Pair ZPB15MB

Great condition with no cracks or keyholiing.


The innovative pitch black coating makes the Zildjian Pitch Black Mastersound cymbal suitable for rock, metal, and punk drumming. This Zildjian 15-inch cymbal offers bright and glassy sound which is especially required for rock performances. The undersides of this Zildjian hi-hat cymbal are purposely left uncoated so that it delivers a crisp response. The overall construction of the Zildjian Pitch Black Mastersound cymbal not only makes it look beautiful but also durable. The wavy edge of this Zildjian 15-inch cymbal offers accurate and cutting sound. Amaze the audience with your solid performance with this Zildjian hi-hat cymbal.

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