Andrew Braden

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Andrew Braden Producer / Sound Engineer / 

Primary Studio: Orland Park, IL Location

Main Genres: Rock, Pop-Punk, Blues, Jazz, Metal

Main Instrument: Bass

Working primarily out of our Orland Park Studio, Andrew Braden specializes in Rock, Pop-Punk, Blues, and Metal, with quite a lot of experience in Classical, Country, Folk, & Jazz as well. He’s been engineering and producing for over 8 years, learned under Mike Gastala, Bernie Mac, Dan Dietrich, and Michael Coyle, has a degree from Columbia (Chicago) in Audio Arts & Acoustics, is a bass player who has shared the stage with Bonfires, Veara, Ship Captain Crew, Homesafe, and Devil In The White City to name a few, and is a collector of vintage mics and amplifiers. You could say he is a true gearhead. One of his preferred methods is to capture a realistic performance of a group of musicians playing together in one room at the same time.

Some artists he has produced, mixed, and mastered include: Belmont, The Devil in the White City, Fly These Wings, Year 2087, and The In Between Days.

Andrew Braden's Recent Studio Projects

Nick Palazzo (Studio Manager)
Call or Text: 415-9-Evolve


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