Nick Palazzo

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Nick Palazzo Producer / Sound Engineer / Founder / Manager

Primary Studio: Chicago, IL (Wicker Park) Location

Main Genres: Indie, Alt, Electro, Pop-Punk, Rock, Metal

Main Instrument: Drums

Nick has worked in the professional music industry for over 15 years, shared the stage as a drummer in various bands with artists like The Violent Femmes, George Thorogood, Sum 41, Lady Gaga, Aaron Lewis, Lucky Boys Confusion, American Taxi, Local H, Twisted Sister, Veruca Salt, Tesla, and many others. He's worked closely with some very notable professional producers and engineers from Chicago, LA, Nashville, and New York, and has co-written, produced, and performed on tracks that have been featured on VH1, MTV, ESPN, and The WB. Founder of "Evolution Recording" in early 2016 after constructing the studio at our Chicago, IL (Wicker Park/Bucktown) location, Nick Palazzo got to work recording several artists in the local area. Six months later he was asked by Evolution Music Stores owner and founder Jon Teeter to rebuild and manage the studio at our Orland Park, IL location which has officially opened for business Jan 1st, 2017.

Nick specializes in indie rock, ambient, alternative, edm, pop-punk, funk, and various kinds of hard rock and metal. As with all of our producer/engineers, he can handle any genre. His focus is more on the producer side, aiding in song structuring, vocal performance, and coordination of instruments. Most artists he has worked with rely heavily on his input on tightening up their music, or sometimes visualizing a whole new direction that it can go. With many years experience in the industry, his knowledge can help aspiring artists make music that will attract industry attention whether that be mainstream or underground. Other fields of experience include: music video production, song publishing and licensing, live sound, live recording, custom-made back track rigs, light show programming and setup, drum lessons, recording lessons, and home studio advice and setup.

Nick Palazzo's Recent Studio Projects

Live Show Recordings

Music Video Production

Nick Palazzo (Studio Manager)
Call or Text: 415-9-Evolve


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