Wicker Park


BBE Maxie Model 402 Sonic Maximizer Rack Effect

This Sonic Maximizer is in good condition and fully functional. Unlike many Aural Exciters or equalizers, the BBE Maxie does not add any extra noise or harmonics to your sound. This means that you won't be adding future problems in duplication or mastering of your music caused by aberrant high frequency distortion. The BBE Maxie is a dual channel enhancer designed to operate with -10dBu levels. It works by applying phase correction to your high frequencies (which it does by splitting the sound into 3 bands, crossover frequencies being 150Hz and 1200Hz, and applying delays to the two lower bands). Your high band frequencies pass through a VCA and are controlled in relation to the mid band. There are two modes - 'Auto' mode provides dynamic response so that the BBE Maxie expands or compresses the high band in relation to the mid, while in 'Manual' a factory preset expansion ratio is applied. Each channel gives you a Lo-contour and a Definition knob. Lo-contour is for bass EQ at 50Hz, Definition regulates the processing of the high band in relation to your mids and effectively adds more top end.


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