Wicker Park


Elektron MonoMachine SFX60 MKII 6Track Synth Sequencer

This rare and popular 6-Track Multiple Synthesis and Effects Sequencer is completely functional and in excellent cosmetic condition with virtually no blemishes. The unit is sold with the original box and power supply.

At first glance, the Elektron Monomachine SFX 60 MKII tabletop synthesizer/sequencer looks a lot like an old-school sequencer workstation, and it is a sequence workstation, but it's a whole lot more too. Actually, the Monomachine SFX 60 MKII is more like five synthesizers in one, plus a powerful step sequencer and a crazy effect engine all put together with tomorrow's electronic music in mind. Seriously, this thing is way ahead of its time! Let's start off with the synth engines. First off, there's the SuperWave analog waveform engine and a DigiPRO wavetable synth - both synthesis mainstays. There's also the FM+ FM synthesis engine for all of those glassy, bell-like sounds.

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