Orland Park


ESP LTD B 208FM 8 String Bass

LTD is in very good condition, has been fully tested and fully functional. More info: Designed for fast, aggressive playing, the ESP LTD B-208 STBLK electric bass guitar is a force to be reckoned with. Your hand will feel loose and slippery on the B-208 STBLK's thin maple/rosewood neck, while your fingers run up and down its rosewood fingerboard with ferocious abandon. You'll add authority to your sound, thanks to the B-208 STBLK's muscular SB-5 pickups. Also, the B-208 STBLK's active 3-band EQ lets you sculpt your tone for just the right sound. No matter what style of music you're playing, the ESP LTD B-208 STBLK bass guitar has the sound and feel you want.


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