Wicker Park


Fender FM 25 DSP Frontman Combo Amp

This combo amp is completely functional and in excellent cosmetic condition. There are little to no signs of harsh wear or cosmetic blemishes as seen in the photos. The Fender FM 25 DSP Frontman Combo Amp packs a killer amp and effects package behind traditional Blackface appointments. You get 25W, a 10" speaker, and a DSP sound engine that supplies effects, amp sounds, and an acoustic simulator. It provides a Normal channel with the classic Fender clean sound, and a footswitchable Drive channel with all 16 amp sounds. (Works with single-switch footpedals only.) There are reverb, delay, tremolo, chorus, and flange effects, plus combinations. The Fender FM 25 DSP Frontman also has a headphone jack, CD input, silver grille, skirted knobs, metal corners, and gem light.


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