Wicker Park


Hartke GT100C 100 Watt Tube Guitar Combo

This 2x12 guitar combo is functional and in fair cosmetic condition. The first channel is completely non-functional and features the most cosmetic wear. You can still get a clean tone and a great overdriven breakup for the second channel. Built-In Reverb, 1/4 Headphone Jack, 16 Ohm Hartke Speakers, FX Loop, and Footswitch capable. Cosmetic signs of use can be found on the tolex and the control plate. The control plate can be slightly moved if you push it from the back. The middle tone plastic knob is slightly loose. The volume knob on the second channel has been replaced. Side Handles built-in for ease of carrying! This amp is beat-up and half-functioning, yet it's tone and overdrive can keep up with other modern combos. 


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