Downers Grove

Kurzweil K2600S 76-Key Semi-Weighted Synthesizer Workstation/Sampler

*Comes with volume pedal, sustain pedal and 3 drives.  Very clean & fully-functioning.

*9th key functions but appears to have a higher velocity output than the rest.

  • Improved keyboard actions offer greater performance and reliability for the most demanding situations
  • KB3 Drawbar Mode allows for blending of nine harmonics per voice in real-time (full polyphony maintained at all times) which results in realistic tone wheel organ emulations and innovative, dynamic new timbres
  • Sampling of external audio available either through analog or digital inputs
  • Live Mode allows for the powerful V.A.S.T. DSP capabilities to process any incoming mono or stereo signal via the analog or digital sample inputs
  • DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on beats-per-minute timeline (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample, and many other functions. Sample Processing DSP is standard on all K2600 units
  • The K2600 reads other major audio formats directly into the system for use with it's V.A.S.T. architecture
  • All K2000 and K2500 Series libraries are forward compatible with the K2600
  • Options, including PRAM memory expansion (from 477K to 1.5MB), Sample RAM (up to 128MB) and Sound ROM boards, are now user installable
  • Available algorithms expanded to 127 with Kurzweil's exclusive Triple Modular Processing
  • New operating systems and options are constantly being created, expanding the artist's power while preserving his/her investment in time and programming

Please message us if you have any questions.