Orland Park

Ludwig Vistalite Vintage Chicago "ProBeat" 6 Piece Kit 1976


ALL 6 DRUMS HAVE NO CRACKS.In Original Factory Condition from which they were produced ORIGINAL CHICAGO (not RCI)1976 Ludwig Vistalite "ProBeat"6 piece (including matching snare)Cherry Red"Born Together" Factory Shells Serial numbers in sequential order.Matching factory shells; 24×14 bass drum13×9 tom14×10 tom16×16 floor tom18×16 floor tom14×5 matching snare drum with factory P85 throw offKit includes; excellent condition, Blue/Olive "pointy badges" with sequential serial #'sfully functional factory tone mufflers on ALL 4 tomsAnd SNARE DRUM. (Ludwig never put a tone muffler on the bass drum)Ludwig bass drum double tom-tom arm holder.2 bass drum arching legs (pointed)Floor Tom Legs for the 16" & 18"Original Vintage Ludwig hardware tom holder "KEY"*ALSO*The 6 Original Ludwig LEATHER BAGS for moving and storage. Please note, Never Ever! clean these drums with any ammonia based products (windex, ect...) or any chemical cleaner.Imo, if you'd like to polish them, use Novus 1,2,3 part polish/cleaner(the Ludwig boards suggest the same). It will polish and remove any surface scratches. the serial numbers are, 112227111231951123302112332011235051123693Heads are used, but fully functional. ALL 6 DRUMS NO CRACKS. The FACTORY SEAMS are ALL SOLID, and there are NO HAIRLINE CRACKS AROUND the SCREW HOLES that Connect to the back of the Lugs.Please message us if you have any questions.