Wicker Park


MIK Alvarez Regent 5222 Acoustic Guitar

This mahogany body dreadnought acoustic guitar was made in Korea. It is completely functional and in good condition. There are cosmetic blemishes as seen in the photos such as chips and scratching. The guitar is strung with fresh strings and has great playability! The action is not high nor is it too low. The frets are not sharp and they're in good shape. The back of the neck, although gloss, is comfortable to play and the hand slides with ease. The majority of Regent 5222's have a rosewood fretboard, but this fretboard does bear a resemblance to ebony. Alvarez guitars are hard to date, but we place our bets on this being produced in the 1980's. The serial number is 58570. The "85" may indicate 1985 as the year of manufacture. The printed number inside the guitar at the base of the neck is 033101.. This guitar does not come with any accessories.


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