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Orland Park


Orange County 14" OCDP Micro Vent Steel Snare

 Snare is in really good condition does have signs of normal wear and tear (Hairline Scratches and minor nicks)

The Micro Vent snare drum from OCDP is designed to give drummers' maximum projection and sensitivity. The 7" x 14" steel shell features dual 2" bands of micro vents, which dramatically increases the volume and responsiveness. Thick die-cast hoops help keep the snare's sound under control, so all that added power doesn't add too much ring to adversely affect your tone. In short, the Micro Vent snare is designed to be louder, more sensitive, drier, and more explosive than any other drum you have ever played. Plus, it has all the small touches that make OCDP snares look so unique, including 20 offset lugs, a chrome finish and all chrome hardware.