Wicker Park


Orange Crush 15R 15w Combo Amp


Fully functional and in excellent condition overall! Gain switch, headphone out, built in real spring reverb, and so easy to use. Gets louder than you'd expect.

Additional Info:
The Orange Amps Crush 15R is a small and simple guitar amplifier that packs a mean tone for only having having 15 watts. The amp is solid state based and has a single, 8" speaker inside of it. The only connections that it has come in the form of 1/4" jacks for instrument input and a headphone output. The amp also has a real built in spring reverb, which is pretty rare for an amp of this stature...

Using the Orange Amps Crush 15R isn't difficult in the least. It's a great beginner's amp because of this, as it has just the basics. The amp has both a clean and overdrive channel, with overall parameters for high, mid, and low EQ, as well as a reverb knob and master and level parameters for the overdrive. There is also an overall volume knob and a button for engaging the overdrive.

The Orange Amps Crush 15R really has a big sound for such a small amp. It's definitely got the Orange sound, just in a compact casing. The built in overdrive is great for getting a bit of gain and especially good for recording close mic'd.

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