Wicker Park


Pearl 1030 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

This is a fantastic heavy duty boom stand by Pearl. Double braced and in like-new cosmetic condition. This is a very modern model so the cymbal mount has a swivel (aka gyro-lock system) for changing angle in any direction. A Durable and Convenient Way to Mount Your Cymbals The Pearl B1030 Boom Cymbal Stand is great for any drummer who needs a stable stand and appreciates the convenience of fast cymbal changes. Pearl's Gyro-lock tilter positions your cymbal, and the reversible cymbal cup can be used to control the cymbal range of motion. And a quick-release nut makes cymbal changes super fast. The B1030 cymbal stand uses nylon bushings to prevent unwanted noise from metal-on-metal contact. Mount your cymbals on the Pearl B1030 cymbal stand. Features: Reliable cymbal stand with high-end features Gyro-lock tilter Reversible cymbal cup controls your cymbal's range of motion Quick-release nut makes cymbal changes fast and easy Nylon bushings avoid metal-on-metal contact and noise


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