Wicker Park


Roland TD-4 Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

This popular electric drum module is completely functional and in very good cosmetic condition. The kit is a 7 piece. 4 mesh pads and 3 cymbal pads. All the pads are in very good condition. The cymbal pads are responsive to the point where you can perform cymbal grabs. The mesh pads are Roland V Drums. The kick pad is a Yamaha KP65. The cymbal pads are of the Roland Dual Trigger. models. The tom rack tom pads are PDX6 and the Snare and Floor Tom pads are PDX8. There is an extra 1/4 trigger input which acts for a cymbal. There is no kick pedal, throne, or sticks, or headphones sold with this. This is a fantastic electronic drum kit that won't break the bank. The TD-4 module is very popular and well-reviewed and the pads equipped with this module make the kit really shine in value. If shipped, the kit will be completely disassembled.


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