Downers Grove


Tone Candy Sweet Drive Distortion Pedal

"We built this pedal to fatten up single coil pickup guitars. It has a dark voicing that enhances the mid-low frequencies like an old class A amplifier, perfect for fattening up combo amps. This pedal can go from very low to a medium high sweet singing distortion. This pedal really defines the notes being played and is very touch sensitive. We have also added a Bright Boost switch to deliver even more tone variations. We have gig tested this pedal for 6 months. It sounds the same at gig volume as it does in a small room at low volume."

* This pedal is only the 50th ever made as told by the serial number. 

  • Volume and Tone Controls - Controls the overall volume and tone without loosing fatness when at lower volume.
  • O-Drive Control - Adds desired amount of distortion
  • Intensity Control - Adds more tone shaping
  • Bright Boost Switch - This enables the pedal to deliver even more tone variations.

Please message us if you have any questions.