Wicker Park


Vintage 1970's Randall Commander RG-120-212 200W Upgraded Speakers

This vintage 2x12 combo amp is in very good cosmetic condition and completely functional with an on-board Tremolo effect. The effects loop jack is missing.  Volume knobs have pot crackling when turning. 

These speakers are completely functional and in good cosmetic condition with no signs of cosmetic blemishes that would alter functionality. 

G12-65 speaker was originally created as a higher-power handling version of the G12M Greenback. Recognized as the voice of 1980s rock and blues, the Celestion speaker was particularly popular in 4x12 cabinets and is considered by many to be the finest guitar speaker ever produced for use in this classic configuration. Celestion G12-65 65W, 12" Vintage Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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