Wicker Park


Vintage Govox Midi System w 2 Modules and Footswitches

This Govox vintage midi module came from the recording studio of an older gentleman who passed away. Everything else that came from this man's studio worked perfectly and was from the 1960's and 1970's. It turns on, but is not fully tested. It has text on it for Organ, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Guitar. It has a brain/master unit, 2 rack midi modules, 3 footswitches, 1 expression pedal, and 3 data cables. It has 5-pin midi ins and outs which means it might be from the 1980's. We could not find any information about it online whatsoever. If you have any information about this item, please let us know! We are not even quite sure what it is or does. It needs some additional cables. See pictures of the inside of the brain provided.


Please message us if you have any questions.