Student Information Form

This is for Evolution Rock Academy internal use.

Cancelation policy

Students must provide 24 hours notice if they are unable to attend a lesson.  Any missed lessons without 24 notice will not receive make up credit. The teacher still gets paid for these missed lessons.

If adequate notice is given for a missed lesson, the student receives a "make up credit."  Teachers have the individual authority to override the 24 hour notice requirement for cancellations.  A teacher can issue a makeup credit for any missed lesson at their own discretion. 

Make up credits

  • A make up credit is simply the tally of a lesson that a student is entitled to receive in the future.
  • Make up credits do not expire.
  • Teachers are not paid for make up credits until the lesson is performed. 
  • The teacher and student are responsible for finding a suitable time for make up lessons. 
  • Make up credits are not redeemable for cash or discounts on future lessons. 


Monthly tuition is automatically charged on the first of each month.  If a student begins lessons in the beginning of a month, they will be charged a prorated amount for the first month. 

Tuition is automatically calculated based on whether or not the student is on the calendar within My Music Staff.  It is the responsibility of each teacher to ensure that their calendar is up to date.  All teachers should double check their calendars prior to the next month's billing.  

Enrollment Form

The customer facing form on our website is primarily a lead capture form. It does not connect to My Music Staff.  When students submit their information through the form, it is sent to Slack and our CRM.  

Once a student has decided to sign up and is ready to put their card on file, use this form: