Orland Park

Arturia The Laboratory 49 Midi Keyboard

Fully tested and works properly. The Arturia controller allows you to program your effects in your recording program to help your work flow be quick and efficient

Analog Experience - The Laboratory features a top-notch 49-key MIDI keyboard controller and the Laboratory version of Arturia's Analog software making it the most professional-grade version of their Analog Experience Series. Anlaog Labratory Under the Hood The 49-key keyboard controller is made for performance and maximum expression, with velocity and aftertouch in addition to a set of knobs, faders, and pads, as well as full connectivity on the back panel (like expression and sustain). This premium controller gives the fullest access to Arturia's Analog Laboratory software; its pre-assigned controls making it the perfect solution for plug-and-play sound creation. Once the software is connected to the keyboard, you can put your mouse away and experience the same workflow as on a traditional hardware synthesizer. With Analog Experience - The Laboratory, discover a new depth of access to the synth patches so you can really get in and customize the huge library of internationally designed presets. A new Scene Mode allows several sounds to be played at the same time with the addition of advanced arpeggiation melodies, drums and FX loops. In addition, the keyboard (like in the other versions of Analog) can be easily used in any other software context.

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