Wicker Park

Baja Tech Custom Das Fuzz Si

Fully functional and in excellent condition.

Additional Info:
Das Fuzz Si is a silicon based Fuzz Face clone that cleans up really well like a germanium fuzz face. The circuit has been tweaked to get some of that germanium warmth but preserving that silicon fuzz face over the top gain.

The Das Fuzz Si has been voiced in the Hendrix tradition, with a "Machine Gun" frame of mind and the ability to ease off into some mellower "Castles Made of Sand" territory. You'll find that with Das Fuzz Si being made up with silicon transistors it is immune from temperature changes that commonly plague stock germanium Fuzz Faces. Very cool when playing the club circuit. As with all are pedals Das Fuzz Si is wired for true bypass so as to not “suck” your tone when off.

With the new KILL control you can bend the Das Fuzz to give a gain boost, twist it to get mosquito like splat of the early fuzzes, everything in between. And of course the original unadulterated stock Das Fuzz tone. Lots of tones to be had with the new Das Fuzz.

Das Fuzz Si is painted with a heavy duty "Old School Blue" powder coat finish to withstand the day to day rigors of the road.