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** Cosmic Sound Effects Echo Rockit Multi FX Unit

A ** Cosmic Sound Effects Echo Rockit Multi FX Unit in Very Good condition!

At Evolution Music, we attempt to highlight cosmetic defects (if any) by picturing every angle of every piece of gear so you know exactly what you are getting.  We always picture any and all accessories too.  What you see is what you will get so please check out the pictures!  Everything we sell has been tested and is fully functional unless otherwise noted. We have a 5 star rating from 1000+ happy customers across our three locations.  Please message us if you have any questions.  We are always happy to help and will respond asap!


  • Custom built effects unit by Cosmic Sound Effects
  • Comes with 9V Power Supply
  • Check out ECHO ROCKIT on You-Tube
  • External Input with Mic/Line Capability
  • Put external signals through VCF and Echo
  • Resonant Low Pass VCF Doubles as Sine Oscillator
  • External Voltage Control of VCF Cut Off Frequency
  • Echo Effect Processing (Volume, Delay, Repeat)
  • LFO Has Triangle and Square Waves
  • LFO Has Low and High Range
  • LFO Modulates Cut Off Frequency
  • LFO Modulates Echo Delay Time
  • Internal Oscillator for VCF Excitation
  • Exudes Coolness and... Amazingness!
  • 9 Volt Adapter (No Battery)
  • No Inner Speaker (Amp. Required)


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