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Crush 13x7 Hand Hammered Hybrid Brass/Nickel Snare Drum

A Crush 13x7 Hand Hammered Hybrid Brass/Nickel Snare Drum in Excellent condition!

At Evolution Music, we attempt to highlight cosmetic defects (if any) by picturing every angle of every piece of gear so you know exactly what you are getting.  We always picture any and all accessories too.  What you see is what you will get so please check out the pictures!  Everything we sell has been tested and is fully functional unless otherwise noted. We have a 5 star rating from 1000+ happy customers across our three locations.  Please message us if you have any questions.  We are always happy to help and will respond asap!


  • Well taken care of. Sounds awesome! Comes with a near-new Evans head.
  • OVERVIEW A series of hand-hammered snares from Crush drums. The Hand Hammered Series Snare Drums from Crush are equally visually and audibly stunning. Each of the shell types have their own shade of tone, yet all of them create a fully rounded attack complimented by the high-end crack you have come to expect from some of the finest metal snare drums. Outfitted with Crush's proprietary tube lugs and reverse flange hoops, the Hand Hammered Series boasts the finest details to compliment these beautiful shells.
  • The Hybrid Hand Hammered model features a nickel-plated and hand hammered steel shell. This drum produces a full, wetter attack with plenty of attack and a musical ring.
  • Shells . Bearing edge: 45 . Reinforcement ring: No
  • Hardware . Hoop type: Reverse flange . Lugs: Tube . Throw-off: Tap-style . Internal muffler: No . Snares: Steel Carbon
  • Other . Heads: Evans top, Stock bottom . Country of origin: Taiwan


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