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Digidesign MBOX 2 USB Digital Audio Interface w/ Ignition Pack


The Mbox 2 has to be the best value in computer-based recording available today. Mbox 2 is a USB audio I/O so you don't need to install any cards into your computer (are you listening laptop users?) It has a simple MIDI I/O (1 In and 1 Out) It works with powerful Pro Tools LE software (probably the most supported software on the planet) If all this isn't enough to get your attention, Mbox 2 comes with over 50 plug-ins including powerful signal processing from Bomb Factory and winners like SampleTank 2 SE, Reason Adapted 3, Cleemony Melodyne uno, Ableton Live Lite 4 Digidesign Edition and more. Mbox also comes with Digidesign's Xpandi! a powerful sample-playback and synthesis plug-in that includes more than 1,000 sounds. Here's what you'll love about owning an Mbox: if you starta track on this Mbox/Pro Tools LE system, everything you've done will be compatible with the full-blown Pro Tools systems used by high-end studios. This means you can start a project at home and then go to a professional studio mix. USB powered audio I/O with 2 analog outputs, 48V phantom power, MIDI In & Out, S/PDIF digital I/O, headphone out with dedicated volume and dedicated studio monitor volume. Pro Tools LE Software with 32 simultaneous audio tracks (128 virtual audio tracks) and 256 simultaneous MIDI tracks. Free Bomb Factory Plug-ins Pro Tools Ignition Pack Plug-ins DigiRack Plug-ins Mbox 2 is a next-generation USB-powered.

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