Orland Park

E-Mu PROformance Plus


Emu Proformance Plus Overview

The Proformance Plus, 16-bit True Stereo Piano Module provides you with the rich, true-stereo sound of a concert grand piano at a fraction of the cost of an acoustic piano. Subtle nuances of the hammers, strings and soundboard are all captured with amazing detail. The Proformance Plus sound is exceptionally realistic and convincing because the Proformance Plus is based on actual stereo recordings of a real Grand Piano. This is similar to the way a tape recorder works, except that here, the sounds are permanently recorded on digital memory chips and processed using our proprietary custom VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology. As a result, you can now experience the rich sound of a $18,000 concert grand at a truly affordable price. The Proformance Plus feature 16 notes of stereo polyphony and a choice of several different piano sounds. The Proformance Plus contains grand piano plus the following other instruments: acoustic and electric basses, two electric pianos, tone-wheel organ, and vibes. In addition, the Emu Proformance plus has a user-definable keyboard split point, which is used to access two different sounds at once.

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