Wicker Park

Vintage 1970's Fender Reverb Bandmaster Amp Modded

A Fender Bandmaster Reverb 1970's in very good condition! Has one of the sweetest glassy tones I've ever heard!

This amp was bought in, then sent to a very knowledgable repair guy in Chicago who gave us the following notes:

The components in the amp appear to be all original. It has several modifications, including but not limited to: blackface spec., a "raw" mod which bypasses the tone stack, a mod where the lines that share a resistor between the v1 and v2 preamp tubes are removed on the normal channel which bleeds off some of the bass and makes the tube saturation tighter (the name of which escapes me), a negative feedback pot, and a diode rectifier. My initial thoughts were to restore it back to spec, but the mods were so well done and the amp so original that it was beneficial to keep it that way.

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