Orland Park


Fender Princeton Chorus Red Knob


The Fender Princeton Chorus amplifier presents the player with the best value of any amplifier in its price class. The Princeton Chorus is much more than a portable Gain Switching Amplifier. Besides its basic complement of Volume, treble, mid, bass & reverb this amplifier offers a selectable Overdrive channel with features that make it virtually, a Two Channel amplifier! The Overdrive channel features Exclusive Fender Pre & De-Emphasis Distortion circuitry plus a unique distortion-activated Limiter which provides dynamic interactive control over the distortion characteristic. In addition, a true stereo chorus circuit utilizing two 25-watt power amplifiers gives this amp that lush stereo chorus sound. The Fender Princeton Chorus is one of the most expressive amplifiers ever made.Please message us if you have any questions.