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Gibraltar Catapult Linear Motion Kick Pedal

In excellent condition! Very smooth feel!

Additional Info:
Super responsive to show off every detail of your pedal technique!

The Gibraltar Catapult Linear Motion Bass Drum Pedal was designed to provide a true response from the players' foot to the surface of the bass drum head by utilizing natural motion from the ankle. Upon consulting with a reputable fitness research agency, Gibraltar designed the Catapult pedal to allow the natural function of the extensor and flexor muscles.

Conventional bass drum pedal designs utilize frames with cam drives attached to springs. While pressing down on the pedal board, these springs produce a resistance promoting speed and power. In extended playing situations, this resistance often causes fatigue to the muscles of the lower leg and foot resulting in hindered playing and technique. Careful observation of the muscle groups used with a conventional-style pedal showed that the return stroke or upward movement of the foot was accentuated by the return spring. This caused major resistance, hindering the natural motion of the ankle.

Gibraltar's Catapult Linear Motion pedal (GCLMSP) was designed to permit the extensor and flexor muscles to function naturally, allowing the ankle and corresponding muscles to utilize a full range of movement. The result: A remarkable increase in muscle comfort, endurance, and precision. The mechanical advantage of the GCLMSP is total harmony with the biomechanics of the natural movement of the foot.

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