Wicker Park

Idiopan Custom Made Tunable Steel Tongue Drums 12-Inch Domina with Pickup

The Domina 12-inch 8-note steel tongue drum comes tuned to the C Major pentatonic scale (G3 C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 C5 D5). The Domina is the female voice of the Opus series with warm clean tones tunable in 3 different octaves and 432Hz. Includes a pair of black mallets (MLTRSBA) and display ring. This item is coated mineral oil. The finish is raw blue steel. If the oil is not applied, the drum will corrode. Equipped with a 1/4 input jack and a built-in pickup. The pickup is Roosebeck Steel Tongue Pickup. https://idiopan.com/products/idiopan-domina-12-inch-tunable-steel-tongue-drum


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