Wicker Park

Line 6 Vetta 2x12 Modeling Combo Amp w/ FBV Shortboard

Fully functional, tons of great features basically removing the need for many fx pedals. Has a few scratches and missing one rubber pad on the bottom. Has "FBV Shortboard "footswitch and ethernet cable for it.  Message us if you're interested in shipping it to you.

Vetta Combo Features
Complete No-Compromise Guitar System. Rig Functionality, Combo Portability.
Incredibly toneful, next generation amp models. The best we've ever done.
Unique Line 6 features like Two Amps At Once and Double Tracker, combined with a built-in collection of vintage stompboxes and studio gear, give you a live sound previously available only in the studio.

Revolutionary power amp design duplicates the punch and feel of the greatest amps.
Intuitive and comprehensive pedal board for total control of amps, stompboxes, and effects.

Wet/Dry Cabinet Support
Direct XLR outputs
Programmable stereo effects loop
Flash upgradable software
100 Watts Stereo (conservatively rated)
2x12" Custom Celestion Speaker
65 lbs. (30kg)
29"W x 20"H x 10.1"D (74cm x 51cm x 26cm)
Add an FBV Pedal Board:
Dedicated channel switches
Dedicated effects on/off switches
Large name display
Wah pedal with toe switch on/off
Volume pedal
Chromatic digital tuner
Tap Tempo
No wall-wart—powered by Vetta

Vetta Amp Models based on*:
Bogner '02 Ecstasy
Bogner '02 Uberschall
Budda '01 Twinmaster
ENGL '02 Powerball
Fender '53 Tweed Deluxe
Fender '58 Bassman
Fender '61 Tweed Champ
Fender '64 Deluxe Reverb
Fender '65 Twin Reverb
Fender '96 Mini Twin
Gibson '59 GA-18T Explorer
Gretsch '60 6156
Hiwatt '73 Custom 100
Marshall '65 JTM-45
Marshall '68 Super Lead
Marshall '68 Super Bass
Marshall '68 Variac Plexi
Marshall '69 Major
Marshall '87 JCM 800
Marshall '96 JMP-1
Matchless '96 Chieftain
Matchless '93 DC-30
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Mesa Boogie '81 Mark IIC+
Roland Jazz Chorus
Silvertone '66 Twin Twelve
Soldano '93 SLO
Supro '60s S6616
Supro Thunderbolt
Vox '61 AC-15
Vox '67 AC-30 Top Boost
Plus 16 unique and tasty Line 6 amp models!

Vetta Cabinet Models based on*:
1 x 6" Supro
1x8" Fender® '61 Champ®
1 x 10" Gibson
1 x 10" Gretsch
1 x 12" Fender '53 Tweed Deluxe
1 x 12" Fender '64 Deluxe Reverb
1 x 12" Mesa Boogie EV
1 x 12" Vox '61 AC-15
1 x 15" Supro
2 x 2" Fender Mini Twin
2 x 12" Budda
2 x 12" Fender Twin
2 x 12" Matchless
2 x 12" Roland JC-120
2 x 12" Silvertone
2 x 12" Vox '67 AC-30
4 x 10" Fender '58 Bassman
4 x 12" Hiwatt '73
4 x 12" Marshall '67 Greenbacks
4 x 12" Marshall '68 Greenbacks
4 x 12" Marshall G70
4 x 12" Marshall V30
4 x 12" Mesa Boogie
4 x 12" Soldano

Vetta Effect Models based on*:
ADA Flanger
Arbiter Fuzz Face
Binson EchoRec
Boss CE-1 Chorus
Boss CS-1 Compressor
Boss DM-2 Delay
Chandler Tube Driver
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Electro Harmonix Memory Man
Fender Opto Tremolo
Fender Vibratone
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Leslie 145
Maestro EP-1 Echoplex
Maestro EP-3 Echoplex
MXR Dyna Comp
MXR Phase 90
ProCo Rat
Roland Space Echo
Tychobrahe Octavia
Univox Univibe
Vox Bias Tremolo
Plus 31 Line 6 Reverb, Delay, Modulation, and Compressor models!