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Yamaha TG 55 Tone Generator


In the range of Yamaha’s late ‘80s - early ‘90s digital synths the TG (Tone Generator) line was the group of mainly rack-mountable instruments. Some of them were the module version of the SY-workstations (without keyboard and onboard sequencer).

The TG55 is basically a 16-bit sample playback based synth module – perhaps the first one from Yamaha employing this kind of sound generation, other than the old classic FM at DXs and TX modules - which appeared also in the same era like, e.g. the Roland U-220.
This synthesis method used in the TG55 is called AWM2. The name stands for Advanced Wave Memory 2nd generation – it’s essentially Yamaha’s name for the PCM playback. The first original version of AWM had a 12-bit resolution, only the second version became 16-bit.Please message us if you have any questions.